FAQ – most important steps for the registration procedure and to create your profile


1. Before you register, prepare the following:

  • A profile photo of you At least 7 more photos, like more (for example, from your everyday
        life, from your hobbies, with children)
  • A photo of your passport or ID
  • A short text to your future host family (what do you want to tell them?)
  • A short text about yourself (who you are, where you live, what your hobbies are, etc.)
  • A short text about why you would like to become AuPair

2. Register on our homepage

Sign up on our page www.aupair.click under the button "register now" and go through all steps of the registration form exactly.

You will be asked to upload a photo of your passport or ID. Why do we want that? We do not want any fake profiles at all, which also gives you more security to deal with real people.

All personal data is kept strictly confidential. (You may like to hand-copy your copy of the passport or ID eg: write a pattern over the document)

3. Confirmation link

After that you will receive a link to your given mail address - you have to confirm it, so your email address will be verified and connected to your account.

4. WE check every profile

After confirming the link, your profile will be checked by our team for completeness and authenticity.

ATTENTION: The closer you fill in or upload everything, the faster your profile will be shared and you will be online. If something is missing, we will write you a private message or contact you in chat, you should be online!

Outside our office hours (Monday - Friday 9am to 5pm / Central European time) - it may be that the profile review may take up to the next business day to process.

5. Profile release

If your profile has been shared by us then you can edit or complete it https://www.aupair.click/clickandfind/profile/edit

6. Matching settings - very important !!!

After the release, you should also edit your matching settings. These serve you to search for your suitable host family. https://www.aupair.click/clickandfind/matches/preferences

7. Do you have questions?

If something does not work or you do not know, then get in touch - we are happy to help you MO-FR between 09:00 - 17:00 (MET Central European Time - Vienna).

For questions regarding your profile and registration contact: >Support Registration<

For all other questions please contact: >general support<


Have fun and good luck with your search!

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