MeetingRoom Terms of use

Version 1.3.2019


1. Registration

1.1 We do not charge any amount for the registration process. For families we offer after successful registration under the item "membership" fee-based member packages. For AuPairs the service is always free. AuPair.click reserves the right to use the community or to exclude the affected user from further use. 

1.2 Any person seeking an au pair for one or more minors to assist in the care who wants to live permanently in her family can register as a host family. In addition, any natural person seeking a host family can also register as an AuPair. 

1.3 Each host family must inquire before registering whether their country's regulations allow them to have an au pair and every au pair Make sure that he / she is legally welcome in the host country. Both families and au pairs must ensure that they meet all requirements. 

1.4 Each registration must be carried out personally by the respective user. Registration on behalf of a third party is not permitted. Each user may log in only once. Multiple registrations by the same person / host family are not permitted. 

1.5 The data requested during registration must be completed in full and correctly, that is: first and last name, current address and telephone number and a valid e-mail address. Address. The data must be provided by the respective applicant. AuPair.click reserves the right to verify the accuracy of the information in individual cases and possibly require appropriate evidence from the user. If the data is changed after the registration, each user is obliged to correct the information immediately. 
Your personal data will not be passed on to third parties, they are subject to the Privacy Policy DSGVO. 

1.6 The registration is only allowed to natural persons over 18 years. An exception to this is people who are almost 18 years of age and are looking for a host family as an AuPair once they reach the age of 18. Owners and employees of AuPair agencies, as well as their spouses or partners and all other competitors of AuPair.click, are not allowed to register as AuPair or host family on our site. 

1.7 Registration is only allowed for the purpose of an au pair relationship. Registration for other purposes (such as direct or indirect placement of AuPairs or employees, including part-time workers, promotion of advertising or other services and products, etc.) is prohibited. 

1.7.1 Should If you register in spite of the said prohibition, the person who has registered will be subject to a contractual penalty of EUR 15,000. This contractual penalty is payable regardless of the actual damage incurred. AuPair.click reserves the right to claim damages in addition to the contractual penalty. 

1.9 AuPair.click reserves the right to refuse or delete registrations without prior discussion and without giving reasons. 
(profiles that are not completed, customers who do not verify, as well as any suspicious profiles will be deleted immediately!) 

2. Features for All Users

2.1 All users can create their profile and personalize it with a profile photo, additional photos, a slideshow and text. Through a built-in chat feature, you can share AuPair with host families or vice versa or even use our integrated video calling. 

2.2 The Matching feature provides all users with a constantly updated, personalized referral list for matching AuPairs or host families. In addition, all users are regularly notified by e-mail or private message about new matching users who have recently registered. In exceptional cases and for urgent negotiations, AuPair.click families or AuPairs may also be contacted directly. 

2.3 The offer of AuPair.click, is continuously developed and adapted. This means that new features can be introduced or existing ones removed at any time. 

2.4 Host families registered with AuPair.click should in the foreseeable future acquire a member package "AuPair-Finder", otherwise they will not be able to communicate with the AuPairs. AuPair.click therefore reserves the right not to display the profiles of the host families if they do not buy a member package, or without membership, to limit or completely exclude the possibilities of use available to them.

2.5 Optional products are also available to users.

1.2.5 HOTSPOT for AuPair changers & host families looking for changers
These members are displayed and signaled in the dashboard under urgent search in HOTSPOT at no extra charge. This service is interesting for families whose AuPair has left the family early or it is simply very urgently sought an AuPair.

Also for AuPairs who urgently need a family, this feature is interesting if you are unhappy with a family and would like to move quickly to another family in the same host country.

2.2.5 AuPair "Friendfinder"
You have just found a host family and agreed to start with the family as AuPair? Or you are already in the host country? Then use the "AuPair Friendfinder" to locate other AuPairs in your area and contact you! As an au-pair in my profile, set the status to standby, enter the period from when to when you are expected to be with this family and the city (location) in which you will be staying. So you can check if there are other au-pairs in your area.


3. Advanced options for using "AuPair Finder" members & payment terms

3.1 Only a host family can become a Click Premium member at AuPair.click. The "Au Pair Finder" membership can be used for a limited time for a one time fee. Membership ends automatically when this period expires. There is no need for a separate notice. The valid fee and the duration of the membership can be found on our website. The membership is not transferable, it is tied to the member for whose profile it was completed.

3.2 As a host family with "AuPair-Finder" membership, you can create personal messages. As AuPair, they can always read the personal messages sent to them from a host family with "AuPair-Finder" membership. Furthermore, host families with paid membership with other online members can use a chat feature and use our integrated system for video calls.

3.3 If both users communicate with each other, personal text can be sent, and host families can only reply to paid membership messages. We recommend both parties to use Google Chrome

3.4 The prices stated on our website apply and the prices are in Euro and include VAT.

3.5 Different payment methods are available for the user. Unless otherwise agreed between you and us in writing, payments must be made by PayPal or by bank transfer. Our ordered tariffs are due for payment immediately.


4. Code of Conduct for registered users


4.1 All services offered by AuPair.click are only for the personal use of the respective user. Access to the AuPair.click Community / MeetingRoom to a third party (sharing login data, password, etc.) is not allowed.

4.2 Data made available to the relevant user (in particular contact details and personal data) by AuPairs or host families must be kept strictly confidential and must not be published elsewhere (in particular on other websites or in other media). The transmission of contact information to other users or third parties is not permitted.

4.3 Each user undertakes to comply with the rules described in the Code of Conduct, and the AuPair requirements of the respective host country must be fully observed.

4.4 Each user must ensure that the content of his profile does not violate any law or public policy or compromise morale.

4.5 The user is solely responsible for the content, especially the correctness and the legal admissibility of the profiles shown in AuPair.click and the text entered or uploaded images. Inaccuracies or negligence in the profiles of AuPairs and host families published on AuPair.click are the sole responsibility of the respective user. The user is also solely responsible for the messages with others. The user is obliged to protect the rights and interests of other users or other third parties, in particular their personal rights. AuPair.click can never guarantee or be held responsible for the accuracy of any information about a person that is displayed.

4.6 The entry of contact data, links or references to other websites in fields or texts that are not expressly intended for this purpose is not permitted. This applies in particular to the free text fields (eg letter to the host family, etc.). All data that allows direct contact with a person by circumventing paid family membership is considered contact information. In the event of an infringement, AuPair.click reserves the right not to make the profile accessible to other users or to delete it and to insist that the membership be revoked or that compensation may be required.

4.7 The use of AuPair.click is only permitted for the purpose stated in section 1.7. The data acquired through the use may only be used for the purpose stated in section 1.7.<

4.8 AuPair.click, may under certain conditions, e.g. Checking the registration data or contact and address data, submitting the relevant documents. AuPair.click reserves the right in general, in particular in the case of a complaint by a user, to ask the user for an explanation. AuPair.click may decide to no longer display the user's profile to other users and to limit or completely eliminate the options available to that user if a requested statement is not provided. As a rule, we prohibit further use of AuPair.click. from this user in the long run.

4.9 The user is obliged to inform AuPair.click immediately if he / she no longer wants to be available to users other than the au pair or host family because of an AuPair relationship or for any other reason Change or delete his profile altogether.

4.10 The user is advised to retrieve messages for him / her on AuPair.click and to reply to them in regular and appropriate sections and to secure them on his own PC or other storage media. AuPair.click is entitled to delete the messages stored in the user's profile after the expiration of three months after being sent or received without further inquiries.


5. Scope of services


5.1 The applications mentioned in these conditions are subject to availability. AuPair.click provides an online portal that corresponds to the state of the art. The user is aware, however, that in the current state of the art completely error-free programs are not possible. In addition, users are aware that the data they are looking for is not always available or may not be available at all.


5.2 There is no claim to the described possibilities of use. In the event of a system failure, no claims for damages can be asserted. In case of disruption or interruption of the promised services, the duration of the premium membership is extended by the duration of the interruption, insofar as the service interruption took more than 48 hours (continuous or cumulative) within 30 days. 


6. Warranty

6.1 AuPair.click is responsible for providing the technical means to establish contact between users in general. We do not guarantee that users who match each other will be registered when the search criteria are compared. AuPair.click accepts no liability for the accuracy of the data provided by AuPairs or host families or the availability of AuPairs or host families. AuPair.click is therefore not liable if no contact is made within the period of use.

6.2 AuPair.click is not obligated to verify the users' profiles for any adverse effects on the rights of third parties. Once we become aware of any legal violations, we will exclude from our site the user who has violated the rights of others.

6.3 AuPair.click points out that all data published on the Internet can be copied and thus not be liable if profile data that has been specified on AuPair.click are copied and published.


7. Liability


7.1 The liability of AuPair.click is excluded and / or limited from damages from the injury of the life, the body or the health, as far as this does not originate from an intentional or negligent breach of contract by AuPair.click. Or a willful or negligent breach of contract by the legal representatives or agents of AuPair.click.


7.2 Our liability is excluded for other damages, as far as they did not result from an intentional or grossly negligent breach of contract by the legal representatives or agents of AuPair.click.


7.3 AuPair.click offers with the Community / MeetingRoom the possibility that AuPairs and host families can contact each other. AuPair.click accepts no liability for the content of the profiles, text messages, personal messages, chat messages and statements in video messages or video telephone calls of accuracy. AuPair.click does not know its members personally, so we can not guarantee that they are trustworthy persons and that the provided personal data is correct. In no case, neither host families nor au-pairs may transfer funds to the interlocutor. This is not necessary and 99% of such requests are fraudulent. Please be very careful here! Each host country has its own au-pair rules that determine who has what to pay.


7.4 We provide general information on our website https://www.aupair.click.Safe search on AuPair.click. What we do for the safety of our users. Under references, we explain what au pairs and host families can do to get a better impression of the other user. In addition, we offer tips elsewhere on how au pairs and host families should make the right choice and what questions they should ask the other party. See in particular https://www.aupair.click - Please pay attention to this information and take sufficient precautions for your own safety.


7.5 Please note that AuPair.click is not liable in case of prepayment & fraud. AuPair.click may not be held liable if an au pair relationship does not materialize as originally intended.


7.6 AuPair.click is not liable for mediated third-party services.


8. Termination / Cancellation of Use

8.1 Each user can deactivate and remove his profile at any time. If you use the menu item "Delete profile", your profile will be deleted irrevocably, as well as inactive profiles will be deleted, if these profiles have not been used for a period of more than 6 months. This also applies to all messages and messages stored under these profiles.

8.2 In addition, AuPair.click grants the following right of revocation to any consumer whose usual place of residence or domicile is within the European Union or whose domicile is at the time of the conclusion of the contract: CANCELLATION POLICY Right of Withdrawal: You have the right to terminate this contract within 14 days without giving any reason. The period of notice is 14 days and begins on the day the contract is concluded. In order to exercise your right of withdrawal, it is necessary to inform us of your decision to terminate the contract in a written communication (eg by post, fax or e-mail) at the following address:

AuPair.click GmbH
Reiherweg 8
A-4053 Haid near Ansfelden
Telephone: +43 (0) 7229-21122
Fax: +43 (0) 732-210022-4970
E-Mail: support@aupair.click

To comply with this cancellation period, it is sufficient to execute the cancellation period within the cancellation period.

Consequences of cancellation: If you terminate this contract, we must immediately return all delivered payments including delivery costs (with the exception of the additional delivery costs that result from your selection of a different delivery than the standard form offered by us) within 14 days after the return Receipt of your cancellation. This repayment will use the same form of payment that you used when submitting the original transaction, unless there are explicit arrangements for a different method of payment. In no event will this refund process incur additional charges. If you have requested that the parties to the contract begin during the withdrawal period, you must pay a reasonable amount for the part of the services provided to you by that time that you have advised us that you will exercise your right of withdrawal , compared to the total volume of services mentioned in the original contract.

8.3 If the user cancels the "AuPair-Finder" Premium Membership, he / she is obliged to make a payment to AuPair.click after using this membership for the benefit of the use of this service. The value of this is calculated on the basis of the service life for which the service was used. In the event of termination, AuPair.click retains part of the original payment based on this period of use. The use of the "AuPair-Finder Premium Membership" exists in particular if the user has made use of one or more of these options.

9. Exclusion from use by AuPair.click

9.1 In the event of any breach of these Terms of Use, the Code of Conduct, Morals, the laws and regulations of the Republic of Austria, or the rights of third parties, or if AuPair.click has any other legitimate interest, AuPair.click may assign individual users from the use of the Services exclude at any time without giving reasons. The same applies if the user does not agree to the privacy policy or repeals it at a later date.

9.2 In the event of exclusion in accordance with 9.1, the User is not entitled to reimburse all or any of the fees for the "AuPair-Finder" membership. In the event of a breach of these Terms of Use, any amount already paid to AuPair.click will not be refunded but held as a penalty for breach of contract.

9.3 Once a user is excluded, that user may no longer use AuPair.click. The excluded user can not re-register.


10. General information

Contract language: The languages ​​available for the contract are English and German.

11. Definition

11.1 "AuPair.click GmbH" and the associated website aupair.click and / or its sub-pages are operated by AuPair.click GmbH, Reiherweg 8 A-4053 Haid near Ansfelden, Austria (hereinafter referred to simply as "AuPair.click") "," We "," us "or similar.) Persons who have registered on the AuPair.click website by creating a profile are referred to in our Terms of Use as" User "," User "or" Member " , "AuPair.click" is an internet portal that allows AuPairs and host families to contact each other. AuPair.click understands itself as "AuPair agency in the Internet". The users of AuPair.click have some options like:
a) to find a suitable host family, in which they can work as AuPair
b) to find an au pair as a host family.

Users registered with AuPair.click connect themselves to a suitable au pair or host family. All further agreements are made directly between the host family and the AuPair. We support you with our information at www.aupair.click

11.2 A so-called "profile" refers to a personal page on AuPair.click, each user must use his own texts to create a profile. The user has the opportunity to present themselves and narrow down their search. "Personal Messages" and "Chat Messages" are electronic messages that are exchanged between users using the AuPair.click Messaging System.

12. Scope

12.1 These Terms and Conditions apply to the use of AuPair.click. By registering, the user accepts these conditions, which become part of the contract at the time of registration.


13. Final provisions

13.1 AuPair.click is entitled to transfer all or part of its rights and obligations under this contract to a third party with a notice period of four weeks. Place of fulfillment is Linz, Austria.

13.2 Jurisdiction clause: If the user is a merchant or public-law legal entity or special fund under public law or if the user in the Republic of Austria has no general place of jurisdiction or has its place of jurisdiction abroad, then the parties prove the court in Linz (Austria) as the place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from the contractual relationship. However, AuPair.click reserves the right to take action against the user at another permissible place of jurisdiction.

13.3 AuPair.click reserves the right to change these Terms of Use at any time without giving any reason. The amended sections of the Terms of Use will be clearly stated by AuPair.click for at least two weeks. With every login, the user accepts the terms of use that are valid at that time.

13.4 Should one of the aforementioned provisions be ineffective, the validity of the remaining provisions remains unaffected. In this case, the user undertakes to agree as near as possible a provision of the ineffective clause with regard to its economic purpose and intention.

The European (EU) legislator provides the following sample explanation

Example-deletion form
(Please complete this form and send it back to us if you wish to cancel the contract.)

Example-deletion form
(Please complete this form and send it back to us if you wish to cancel the contract.)


AuPair.click GmbH Phone: +43 (0) 7229-21122
Reiherweg 8 Fax: +43 (0) 732-210022-4970
A-4053 Haid near Ansfelden e-mail: support@aupair.click
Austria website: www.aupair.click

  • I/we (*****) hereby cancel the contract concluded by me/us (******) with regard to the purchase of the following goods (******)/provision of the following services:
    • Ordered on (*****)/received on (******):

    • Name of the consumer:
    • Address of the consumer:
    • Signature of the consumer(s) (only for notification on paper)
    • Date:

    (******) Delete as applicable.


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